Tuesday, February 21, 2017

current sports wishlist

I guess it's the progressively growing amount of sunlight that gets me more active. But whatever the reason, I find myself constantly looking for something energizing to do - whether it's an afternoon spent skating or cleaning the house well or walking to work instead of taking the car. 

When it comes to sports wear, I tend to always buy them in a bunch, which means the always wear out pretty much at the same time. Currently I'm eyeing on a new pair of sneakers/running shoes and a few long sleeved shirts. And I couldn't resist buying this Nike dress as my sports crush at the moment is tennis.

But it's not so much about the clothes, it's about that moment when you look at yourself in the mirror after a workout and you feel thankful. Thankful for your body, thankful for the fact that you are able to move and thankful for the strenght your body has. In that moment you don't pay attention to those extra kilograms you normally hate or your thighs you wish were slimmer. In that moment your body feels good and that moment is precious. So if a pair of new running shoes or a new sports top will motivate me to do that workout, I'll buy it. 

As I think we need more of that feeling in our life, the feeling of body acceptance.

xoxo Maria

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Friday, February 17, 2017


just now1-054

1. More sunlight, more happiness. Or at least that's how I've felt lately and with the spring season approaching, light denim feels relevant again. Loving these simple ones from Topshop, but also eyeing on embroided ones too..

2. With only one week to go before a two week vacay, most of my outfit inspiration is concentrated on my travel wardrobe. Got loads of inspiration from Joy Oelen, you should check out her instagram @joyoelen

3. Having a crush on beige and brown coats. Combined with that light denim, it suddenly looks so fresh ! love it.

4. Sara Donaldson always nails the simple yet never boring look, just look at this post. That's what I love about a good sense of style - you don't need a million things to make an outfit (or your wardrobe) interesting !

5. Current music crush: the album Wrong Crowd by Tom Odell.

xoxo Maria

Pictures via Pinterest, Zalando and Harper&Harley

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

that shiny pant


Sunnies Céline
Coat H&M
Bag Céline
Knit H&M
Pants Zara
Shoes &Other Stories


This time of year all tips and little things that make you a little more inspired about winter wear are very much appreciated. While trying to avoid the annual boredom moment with winter clothing, I decided to spice up my outfit with these black patent pants I purchased from Zara sales. 

And suddenly my favorite knit and ankle boots felt like they were all new too, so you might call it a success. And for some reason, these pants made me walk with just a little more confidence, you know a tiny bit taller - true power pants I might say.

What are your secrets against winter wear boredom?

xoxo Maria

Photos by Eva

Saturday, February 11, 2017


just now1-053

1. So excited about the new spring collection by Dôen. Such good vibes and effortless style, you can see the whole collection here.

2. Having still a crush on ruffled shirts, the approaching spring season makes them seem suddenly fresh and interesting after a long season wearing knits. Fell in love with these two from H&M. (1&2)

3. Even though minimalism and simplicity are starting to be "out", during the past days I've been thinking that I want to be stuck in it - hopefully forever. Minimalism represents  things that I appreciate, a lifestyle which is  timeless and where you don't have to own so many things.
More of this kind of thinking please.

4. Went to see the movie La La Land and well, I loved it. You should too, but if you're not up to a movie night, listen to the soundtrack.

5. An inspiring instagram account I've been loving lately @patjanssen.

xoxo Maria

Pictures via Pinterest, H&M and Dôen.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Vacay gear


Little by little I'm gearing up for vacay days. 

I like getting a few new things before a trip, rather than spending my time just shopping when I get to my destination. The more I've travelled, the more I've learnt to love just the time spent on there; the different atmosphere and people watching and not going around shopping malls and tourist attractions like a crazy person. 

This time I bought a body oil from &Other Stories and sandals from ATP Atelier, which I was already planning to buy for the upcoming summer season anyway. 

In addition to that I found a perfect black swimsuit from H&M, but I'll get back to that later. Until then, I'll soak in some inspiration from old spring/summer numbers, being a massive magazine hoarder has its perks.


xoxo Maria

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

homenight survival kit


When the temperatures go minus, I turn to fluffy knits, lacy lingerie and my trusted aesop face cream.
As home nights might start to repeat themselves during the never ending winter months, I came up with a little list of nice things to do at home.

- make moodboards - whether you feel crafty and want to do them the old school way (meaning old magazines and lots of cutting and glueing) or on pinterest, moodboarding is such a nice thing to do. But rather than just randomly pinning pretty pictures on pinterest, make a goal for your moodboard. For example "my winter wardrobe", "my summer to do list", "things that I'm thankful for today" or whatever you come up with.. just have fun with it

- have a home spa moment - do a facial mask, with cucumber slices on the eyes and everything ! or watch an episode of your favorite series while soaking your feet in a home made foot bath. Or just get a shower and for once, moisturize your whole body with a good body lotion.

- dance it out - at first you feel stupid, then you feel awesome. Pick the best songs, the funniest songs or the most nostalgic songs and just dance it out. Whether you're in your kitchen or jumping around you bedroom, dancing it out makes you happy and energized. The crazier - the better. At least you'll end up laughing and that's almost a workout for your abs... right?!

- strecth/do some yoga - and I don't mean a crazy sweaty workout session, more like a nice mindful moment just for yoursel. Light up some candles, put some nice music in the background and just have a moment to dwell in.

- podcasts !! - such an awesome thing to listen to when you're doing the dishes, when you're cooking, when you're organizing your closet or doing the laundry.. or when you're on a walk outside ! Lately I've been listening to the Pardon my french -podcast by Garance Doré.

Have a lovely night(s) at home !!

xoxo Maria

Sunday, February 5, 2017

the brunch guide by dejiss


You know me, a crazy brunch person all the way. Give me croissants, pancakes, smoothie bowls and good coffee and I'll be happy for days. The best part of brunchin' is that you get to enjoy the moment, spend time with your loved ones and enjoy a good meal without a hurry. And well, basically it's just a good excuse to eat lots of yummy things..

But sharing is caring, so I thought I'd share my best tips on how to throw a good brunch for your friends and family, or maybe for that lazy morning you're spending just by yourself.


The hot beverage

If you're a coffee person, you'll probably skip the part where I'm talking about tea anyways, so let's start with coffee. First things first - whether you love an espresso or you're a friend of filtered coffee, make sure you buy good, quality coffee. I often like to buy coffee from my favorite coffee shops, but I'm also a big fan of Italian coffee, usually making my coffee with Lavazza crema e gusto. And warming up the milk makes all the difference, trust me. And if you want to go all the way, foam you're coffee milk. (and forget about fat free milk, that's not for coffee)

But coffee is not for everyone or every brunch, having some tea is definitely as nice as a good cup of coffee. I like to serve my tea in a big tea pot, let it brew properly and enjoy it when it's not too hot.

The star of the brunch

For me this means usually pancakes, croissants, waffles or for example a granola cake. It's like a main course of your brunch and I usually just pick the one I'm in the mood for.

Try these goodies:

banana pancakes with coconut and cardamom

cinnamon bun waffles

granola cake


Feelin' snacky

I like to have different elements in my brunch; so in addition to the star of the brunch I like to have little snacky things. It can be sweet or salty. Grapes, nuts, cheese, crackers, avocado - you name it. Just a little something something you can have a bite of in between wandering conversations or flipping trough the pages of the magazine you're reading while eating.

Eat your greens - or your fruits

For me, brunch is not a super heavy meal, so I always add greens, fruits and healthy stuff to it. I might make a smoothie, put berries on top of my pancakes or slice some fruits just to make it a little bit more fresh and healthy. And I think having something fresh makes me feel good even after the brunch as you're not stuffed with heavy food only.


Setting the table

And now to my favorite part.. Setting the table is almost as important as the food itself, as somehow the food tastes better when it's presented well. And I don't mean making a big fuss out of everything. Keep in mind these four simple things and you'll be good to go

- Choose different plates and pots. The difference might be shapes and sizes, different patterns or just mixing and matching your favorite crockery. My favorite ones are usually vintage and you can get old, beautiful crockery for a bargain from recycling centers and second hand stores.

- Fresh flowers - whether it's a wild bouquet from your backyard, roses from your grocery store or flowers from your favorite flower shop, fresh flowers always make it feel like a special occasion.

- Forget about ugly packages and put everything to it's own dish. A plate for the butter, a cup for the berries and a bowl for the yoghurt. Not a big thing to do, but a big difference on how your table looks.

- The feeling of a cozy cafe comes from ready made portions. The only difference is that you're a lucky one and you get to do it at your own place. Think filled croissants rather than croissants + fillings, a smoothie bowl rather than smoothie + fruits, or a pancake plate rather than pancakes in a pile + stuff to put on them. It's such a nice feeling to sit in a table that is set.


The little something extra

- Music !! Oh it makes aaaaall the difference. My favorite brunch music is definitely Billie Holiday and John Mayer.  And definitely check out also these spotify playlists:

Afternoon acoustic

The Kinfolk Table

Morning dreamin'

An Elegant Affair

French cafe lounge

- Wether it's a sunny summer day or a moody winter morning, don't forget about candles. Maybe just one on the window sill or a bunch in the brunch table.

- When feeling extra special, it's time for Mimosas. Some sparkling wine and orange juice - voilà !

- And if you're still not feelin' it, find some morning moment inspiration here.

xoxo Maria