Thursday, December 29, 2011


Shirt KappAhl (new!), necklace New Yorker, boots Ellos.

Today we had a lot of guests. I'm happy when I am around people, so today I was happy.
And on top of it all my good friend came for a few day visit this evening :)

Something I've realized is that happiness is an attitude.
Though, I can't always get the right attitude I can try, and having people that I love around me helps a lot ! So I'll just enjoy these days when I have my loved ones here and maybe later worry and be sad. 
Now I'll just go happily to sleep and enjoy that today one of my dreams came true. 
I'll tell you later about that specific dream..... 

Love, Maria

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Macarons and new boots!

New boots from Ellos. 
Coat Carlings, boots Ellos, bag

Yesterday I spent a day in Helsinki, shopping.. Well of course I had to get to the sales the first day..
It was suuuuuper crowded! I bought few things I'll show you later, but I was really surprised how I didn't even find things I would like to buy. But maybe that is just a good thing.. 
It was windy as you can see from my bad hair in the pictures...... But I liked it!
And I got to eat some macarons.... ahhhhh yum!
How about you? Have you already found something nice from the sales?

<3 Maria

Monday, December 26, 2011

Diamonds are dead.

As soon as I had spend christmas eve I suddenly moved on from my "wintermood"
I have made already spring inspired posts for you.. but well, I though they would be too early still.

Even tough I would be ready to move on to spring... well let's still stay in this season.
Winter and christmas season.

The things I most love about winter is darkness.
The feeling in it. It makes you feel safe and somehow calm maybe. I don't know. It is just perfection. And the fact that you can lighten it up with candles, shiny jewelry, luxurious clothes and christmas lights.

I think the thing is in the word luxurious. Once a year we are kind of allowed to enjoy something extra. And I just really like it.

Though today I got a little too much of darkness... our electricity was off for about 12hours...
Oh well... now it's finally back!

<3 Maria

Christmas time...

Poncho H&M, belt KappAhl.

Christmas eve pictures :) I had a lovely day with my family! Beautiful christmas decorations were all around the house and the food tasted good. :P
Hope you had a nice time too!

<3 M

Friday, December 23, 2011


Merry Christmas to all of you :) 
The next few days I will spend with my family, eating, relaxing, receiving and giving gifts, enjoying christmas decorations etc....
Hope you have wonderful christmas days!!

Love you, Maria

Thursday, December 22, 2011


The dress! (sorry for the blurry picture)

Friends :) :) 

Here some pictures from the gala evening I was enjoying on 10th of December.
I wore a dress I really liked. Hope you like it too.

I had a chance to dress up like a princess for one night, and I really had a great time.

There is something about dresses. 
I don't know what it is. But I really love wearing them.

And now I had a chance to do that! :)
And also I got to spend time with wonderful people!

Enjoy the pictures!

<3 M

Cavalier :) 

Rita :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

little bit of red.

All except clutch H&M.
Kaikki paitsi clutch H&M.

Lauantai asu.
Maanantai päivänä.
Sataa joulukuussa.
Muutama päivä jouluun.

Saturday outfit.
On monday.
It's raining in december.
Disgusting .
Few days before christmas.
I'm waiting.

love, Maria

Friday, December 16, 2011


Shirt borrowed from my dad :D skirt Indiska, scarf GT, shoes H&M
Paita pöllitty iskältä :D hame Indiska, huivi GT, kengät H&M

Monen päivän nettikatkojen ja hitauden keskellä onnistuin vihdoin ja viimein saamaan nää kuvat tänne nettiin! ANTEEKSI ihan hirveesti tämmösestä ihan typerästä bloggaustauosta, mutta tällä kertaa kyllä ei oo mun laiskuuden vika vaan ihan internetin toimintakyvyttömyyttä.

Asu on muistaakseni keskiviikolta? Tommonen rennon asiallinen kouluasu. Tykkäsin !
Iskän joku ikivanha paita päätyny ensin isosiskon pöllimänä jotenkin sitten mun käsiin.. loistoa.

Mutta iloisempiin asioihin. 3 koulupäivää ja tää tyttö pääsee joululomalle! Lahjaostokset on jo hoidettu.. ja nyt pitäis päästä siihen kivaan paketoimisosuuteen käsiks. hih!
Lisää postauksia tulee kun kyetään! Eli toivottavasti pian!

<3 M

After many days of slow internet and even without it working at all, I managed finally to upload some pictures! I am really really SORRY about this stupid pause in my blogging.. But this time it cannot be blamed on my lazyness..

This outfit is from wednesday? I think... It's this official but relaxed outfit for school. I liked it !
My dad's old shirt has somehow ended up in my closet after my sister first took it from his closet :D 

But there is nice things too: christmas holiday starts after three schooldays! I have already bought all my christmas gifts.. so now I can wrap them :) :) yay.
I'll try to post as soon as possible!

<3 M

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hame ja kengät H&M, neule GT.
Skirt and shoes H&M, knit GT.

This is my outfit I was wearing yesterday.
The internet is off for some reason in the dormatory.
So I had to figure out some new plans for blogging.
But yeah. here my yesterdays outfit.
Yesterday's gala evening was awesome. Pictures from it later! 

Love you, M

ps. relaxing with friends is what I'll do today!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Siskon tekemiä herkkuja :)
My sister made some delicious treats :)


Here some pictures from my holiday :) 
I'm sorry for the brake in my blog...
But now I'm back! And I have lots prepared for you and I'll keep posting during the weekend!
We had a winter storm here.. It has been raining, snowing, thundering and even the electricity was off for many hours today! 
But well, we survived the week and now starts weekend! ENJOY.

and yeah, you can watch for the delicious bakings my sister made for his husbands graduation party.
Loved the food! Loved the people! Loved my holiday.

<3 M

ps. blogger is messing with me... annoying!!